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Doomcat: Nine Lives Concept Explanation and Next Steps on the Project

David Hume

Jan 30, 2024

Doomcat: Nine Lives Web Series

Welcome to Doomcat: Nine Lives!!!!!!

"Doomcat: Nine Lives" is an enthralling series set in the richly detailed worlds of Greentown and the Alternate. It's a saga that interweaves mystical adventures, personal growth, overcoming trauma, and the dynamics of relationships. Newcomers to the series can expect a deeply immersive narrative, filled with nuanced characters and a blend of realistic and fantastical elements.

The Setting

  • Greentown: Set in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains, Greentown is experiencing a cultural shift, balancing the charm of its old-world traditions with the burgeoning influence of the tech industry.

  • The Alternate: A mystical, dream-like world where the main characters confront various challenges, transforming and discovering deeper aspects of themselves.

Main Characters

  • Havid and Cate: Both musicians with troubled pasts, they are central to the story. In the Alternate, they transform into half-cat, half-human forms, symbolizing their personal growth and internal struggles.

  • Kilo, Zeus, and Atlas: The pets of Havid and Cate, who also transform in the Alternate. Kilo becomes a half-cat, half-human assassin with magical abilities. Zeus takes on the form of a muscular half-dog, half-human tank, and Atlas becomes a supportive half-dog, half-human character.


  • Personal Growth: The series heavily focuses on the characters' journey of overcoming past traumas and evolving.

  • Relationship Dynamics: The complex and evolving relationship between Havid and Cate is a core aspect, reflecting on love, support, and challenges.

  • Mystical Adventures: The Alternate world serves as a backdrop for a series of mystical and fantastical experiences that shape the characters.

What to Expect Next

  • Deepening Narrative: The series will continue to delve into the backstories of Havid and Cate, exploring their past and how it shapes their present.

  • Character Development: Expect more insights into the transformations of Kilo, Zeus, and Atlas, and how their characteristics reflect in their Alternate forms.

  • Challenges and Growth: The series will continue to present new challenges for the characters, both in Greentown and the Alternate, fostering further personal growth and relationship dynamics.

"Doomcat: Nine Lives" promises to be an engaging and evolving story, perfect for readers who enjoy a blend of realistic settings and fantastical elements, character-driven plots, and thematic depth. Stay tuned for more captivating developments in the Greentown Chronicles!

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